David and Van’s wedding

Monday, June 21, 2010

I was excited and kilig (like Kris) over every moment that happened in the wedding of my housemate and friend, Van. It was simple and sincere, exactly how I want my wedding to be. I’m so happy for Van and David for how their special moment turned out. It was quiet except for their heartbeats.

The single moment that blew me was this:

I saw David waiting at the end of the aisle, and then I looked at the whole place and all the people in it. And I said in my mind,

“Wow… all of this is happening because David made a decision to step up and marry Van.”

So all the details, the busy maid of honor making sure everything is going smoothly before the bride walks down the aisle, the excited guests – nothing was more beautiful and important than the courageous groom waiting to take his bride to forever.

It was something. David was dashing in a way I couldn’t explain. He was blooming as much as Van was radiant. When God moves, beautiful weddings happen. Congrats Van and David! I love you!


  1. Thanks ChinGail! We love this article! So touched with the way you described our wedding! Ilang days na lang ba? Kayo naman ang bida! haha

  2. Aba may blog pala si David! Ifofollow ko sya! Thanks for inviting us, 1st (and I guess only) wedding that gail and I attended together. Wee!!! :)


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