Ilocos Day 2

Sunday, February 27, 2011

We had no idea Paoay was that far from Laoag. Sobrang kaspecial naman ng pinakbet pizza at dinayo pa namin ng todo todo.

630am: breakfast (ang baon naming spamwich and milo and coffee)
7: beach stroll and photowalk
830: checkout and leave for laoag = P800
9: bus trip = P140
1030: haircut (hahaha!
11: take jeepney to paoay = P68
12nn: lunch at herencia cafe = P350 for the pinakbet pizza
130pm: trike to corssing batac = P60
2: bus ride to vigan = P120
4: vigan touchdown; trike to gordion inn = P20 (dapat hindi na magtrike kasi lapit lang naman)
430: checkin at gordion inn = P1600 (20% discounted thanks to raio!)
5: photowalk; empanada = P35; buy cornik = P160
notice the time difference... (tagal pikchuran!)
830: dinner at los majitos = P150 for sinigang na corned beef and rice
10pm: back to hotel

Total expenses: P3503

For day 1, click here.

ordinary bus to vigan. buti na lang hindi mainit 

nagpajupit sa laoag

view from inside herencia cafe
tasted like typical vegetarian pizza

happy backpackers

paoay church

somewhere in vigan
kala ni gail drums yan
ilocano for bituin/bitoon/star?

carla, para sayo to! sarap!

calle crisologo

only 14.76 steps from gordion inn

sinigang na corned beef

gnight vigan

Goals 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1. A car
2. Baby fund
3. Coron, or somewhere else
4. New job for gail: growth and promotion
5. Olympus pen
6. For Gail to be able to join a group of photographers and earn taking photos; Pat Dy apprenticeship!
7. Build an audience for the blog
8. Earn perks from blogging
9. Complete healing for Gail from asthma, allergy and migraine,
10. New disciples
11. New workers and leaders in the church
12. Opportunities to help others

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.”
-James 4:14, 15

Hello sugarfree.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

yesterday gail finally said the words i couldnt say: nakakalungkot pala no. affected?! you bet.

we risked suffocation, hunger and thirst last night so we could see sugarfree play for the last time. im sure we share the same love for this band with a lot of people. kagabi pa lang sa saguijo kitang kita na how many of us sing sugarfree songs as we tread the sea that is life.

i cannot believe that i love sugarfree that much, that i was almost crying when ebe got to the stage and everybody cheered. no, ebe, you cant do this to me. ano nang magiging theme song ko pag may bagong mangyayari sa buhay ko?

sugarfree's songs sing about the extraordinary life that everyone has. i used to wake up to hay buhay every morning as it blasts on my phone at 6am. my phone got lost but i still sing the song in my mind oftentimes when i wake up the morning. gail sang kwentuhan when he and i were becoming the closest of friends. ikaw pala spoke about how amazing love is and how it found the both of us. prom will be my wedding dance when i renew my vows with gail. los banos made me fall in love with my town more, and i sing wala na akong hihilingin everytime im reminded of the sweetest gift that i get to hug every day. wag ka nang umiyak... *sigh* God sings this to me whenever im hurt and powerless.

marami pa. amazing how i can make their songs MINE without taking it away from another person. i bet the girl beside me last night has her own story in which kwarto plays as the background music.

for writing the songs of life, thank you sugarfree. there's no goodbye cause the music is in my heart.

PS: photos and videos next time, we're too puyat.

UPDATED with gail's photos and video :)

classic ebe move

gang badoy of rocked phil

k2 groovemaster

to ebe: ikaw ang pumayat!

Around Tagaytay

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We had to feed ourselves during our honeymoon so we went to check out Memory Lane, a quaint restaurant off the main road, and Fire Lake Grill in Cliffhouse. We got to Memory Lane through a P20-trike ride which was an impossible way to get to Antonio’s that’s why we did not get to have dinner there. So now, we’re practicing driving with the most patient teachers Mommy Sha and Daddy Vic. And I think I’m getting better, thanks to the motivation that is unreachable-by-commute: Antonio’s.

Anyway… we just had coffee and potato wedges in Memory Lane, so I don’t think I can give a worthy review, just this: that the coffee tasted like the ones Kuya Oliver brews at home, and that the potato wedges had little cheese on it. The coffee was special because it tasted good, but I drink that every weekend at Ciudad, and for free, so it’s nothing worth paying for anymore. As for the potato wedges, we asked for additional cheese and we were charged an additional P80 for that. Nyek.  We later had dinner at Fire Lake Grill where it was uber expensive and dark. 


memory lane inside

vintage stuff for sale

cute restroom

witty sign

see? cheese too little. you can never have enough cheese. hehe

syempre may pikchuran!

kelangan ipakita ang tsinelas

maternity shot ftw!
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