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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We had to feed ourselves during our honeymoon so we went to check out Memory Lane, a quaint restaurant off the main road, and Fire Lake Grill in Cliffhouse. We got to Memory Lane through a P20-trike ride which was an impossible way to get to Antonio’s that’s why we did not get to have dinner there. So now, we’re practicing driving with the most patient teachers Mommy Sha and Daddy Vic. And I think I’m getting better, thanks to the motivation that is unreachable-by-commute: Antonio’s.

Anyway… we just had coffee and potato wedges in Memory Lane, so I don’t think I can give a worthy review, just this: that the coffee tasted like the ones Kuya Oliver brews at home, and that the potato wedges had little cheese on it. The coffee was special because it tasted good, but I drink that every weekend at Ciudad, and for free, so it’s nothing worth paying for anymore. As for the potato wedges, we asked for additional cheese and we were charged an additional P80 for that. Nyek.  We later had dinner at Fire Lake Grill where it was uber expensive and dark. 


memory lane inside

vintage stuff for sale

cute restroom

witty sign

see? cheese too little. you can never have enough cheese. hehe

syempre may pikchuran!

kelangan ipakita ang tsinelas

maternity shot ftw!


  1. cute cute, ching and gail! the last caption is funneh!

    - leng

  2. haha leng! di namin sinasadyang maging ganyan ang itsura. mishu!!! muah!

  3. Nice place...
    hahanapin ko yan :-)

  4. Ang ganda-ganda naman jan... Para kang nasa loob ng children's book =)


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