good mornings

Friday, January 21, 2011

I know I still owe some supplier ratings (the good ones na, promise), but I just find our morning ritual really interesting. Sa Monday na lang yung ibang supplier ratings. :D

It’s a sweet learning process, living with each other, and our weekday mornings make half of me want to go to work full of inspiration, while the other half of me just wants to stay at home.

I get up a little earlier, around 15 minutes ahead, to start fixing breakfast and to heat water for my bath. Once the water is ready, Gail gets up and continues making breakfast, while I take a bath and get ready for work. We then eat breakfast, Gail takes a bath, and I wash the dishes and prepare our lunch. Then we’re off to work. 

I, love, the, married, life.

breakfast in bed at The Boutique, YUM in many ways


  1. wow, i think Justin and I will go check out that B&B place! glad you're loving the married life.xoxo

  2. hey xy! you should! kaka inlove yung place, will blog about it sooooon. mishu! muah!


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