a rush of blood to the head

Thursday, April 19, 2012

im not sure what this exactly means, but it's close to what i felt a couple of days ago when i received news that scared me to the point of sweaty hands and wanting to eat my way under my blanket on my side of the bed. nothing bad really happened, YET, but it was a close call and it shook my sitting-pretty self.

and minutes after hearing that news, gail's internet/pc got cut short. it was one of the most unsettling fifteen minutes of my life, and it pointed me to that one stable Rock that i have seemed to miss.

in between wanting to tell gail how could he restart his pc and disconnect from me while my hands were sweating because of worry and fear, and thinking of ways to give remedy to a situation, i was praying frantically (if thats even possible) to God. i just treated Him like a vendo machine. "God please do this."

i instantly got convicted, at the same time calmed down, by the realization that my reactions aren't at all reflective of a relationship that God wants to have with me. that's when it dawned on me that the thing that scared me wasnt as bad as i thought it was. that i can rest on the truth that God is in control. that losing one thing will never, even minutely, affect how much ive got because ive got Jesus.

i just learned that i cant control everything, that not everything happens according to plan and desire, that i can never be secure unless i look to God.

im learning to trust God more, to depend on Him more, to be stronger in the faith and to be stronger for my family.

i will learn much more, im looking forward for more humbling lessons that will bring me closer to God and not to anything else. they may not be pleasant, but i know that as a child of the King of kings, im in some serious training. world, bring it on. i want to make my God smile.

ps: im so blessed to have gail to train with. he's grounded and humble, and also very aware of God in our lives. thank you for listening to me and for always pushing me to pray and get closer to God. you are the bravest man i know. your birthday is far from over. ;)

fridays were for dancing

Sunday, April 15, 2012

my mondays are for spending time with family and for catching up on house chores. gail and i pretty much have one of the oddest schedules. im used to hearing him say "monday pala ngayon, akala ko saturday." we're whacked like that. and so to have some normal friday nights for late night conversations and dancing... wait, what?! dancing, and dance classes, for that. *raises hands up in thu ayeerr*

purple leggings bilang pagbibigay pugay kay justin bieber :p 

thanks to one group buying site and to the ever-updated dikong, i saw myself dancing to the tune of "so what" by far east movement and found myself doing little but super obvious moves in my office desk. so funny just thinking about it! i didnt even know about far east movement until i googled the lyrics to that song that goes something like "so what so what so what you want...". side comment: ang lalim ng mga kanta ngayon ano. puno ng aral. tsk.

anyway, we went to ACTS Dance Studio at the GA Tower, super convenient location, and had classes during friday nights. but those nights are over because we only bought 5 vouchers each. hehe. buti na lang may dance central sa youtube, i can continue polishing my dance skills. naman! :)

gail as ben's substitute :p

but what release, and what a fun thing to do, to learn how to dance hiphop bagamat beginner level. gail took some videos of our last class, but i dont want my life to be cut short by some people who dont want to expose their mad skills just yet. just a tip though, never take me to the club with any of the ff people: djana, ben or dikong, if you dont want to see some choreographed dance moves. hahaha! we're saving those for an audience. :p

after-dance tambay: dikong, djana, gail, jhorace

ps: we just came from the beach and i have major sunburn (the one with skin peeling off like libag) that gail finds odd. hehe.

a celebration

Friday, April 13, 2012

well, we were able to thoroughly clean our house about two or three weeks ago, and i couldnt be prouder. im sorry about how domesticated and married this sounds, but im actually not. if you find general cleaning as a random ho-hum moment, you're reading the wrong blog. because a supah clean house rocks like a rockstar who has gazillions of fans. like that. im cool.

you see, i have been swamped with work (how many irritating times have i used this phrase in this blog its so irritating) the past days, to the point that i have a pile of clean clothes that smell of wrinkles. yes, wrinkles smell and im sexy. i. cant. even. find the time. to... iron. if you've been here for a while you know that ironing is my favorite thing to do and the plantsa, it's the best invention since coffee. so to actually find the time, nay, a day, to just clean our house and not work on anything at all was a relief/relaxation/rest time for me as much as it was for gail.

so to celebrate our squeeky clean floors, we headed out to banapple somewhere in greenhills. man was it a celebration: comfort food in large proportions worthy of a month-long rigorous diet.

yesterday we also celebrated because gail just got a gig for next week. thanks chazee! so last night we decided that we will celebrate with food (without thinking of our stingy budget and our big tummies) whenever such a milestone happens.

obligatory photo ng tao :p
ps: we're headed to the beach tomorrow. thanks for organizing family! i cant wait to win the paitiman challenge.

pps: have you seen gail's set on Church Simplified's concert? Ang galing. #stagewife


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

as a copywriter, i suck at making titles. the only titles/taglines i ever loved are the name of this blog and the tagline of gail's website (which is still in the works.) anyway, on to my highly intriguing post about, well, dates.

whenever i come home to lb, i make sure that i get to spend time with family, with tin, and with any other friend/s who would want to catch up. speaking of catch up, im doing such a bad job at catching up with all these pictures ive accumulated the past months. gah!

i loved this date with ninang jean (who doesnt look like a ninang) and teacher faith (who doesnt look like a teacher). ninang, gail and i had milk tea at moonleaf, then we thought "miss na natin si faith a. puntahan natin siya sa bio." we texted faith and figured, let's just meet at vega!

wow. to say that was refreshing is an understatement. it made me appreciate lb and its peace in a whole new way. our life in manila is great, but lb, it's just soooo different. we don't have the luxury to have impromptu dates, you have to set it three months before. haha joke lang! but you have to set it a month before, and im not exaggerating. maybe it's all because we're now professionals, or because we're married, but faith is also a professional whose busyness is at the level of being a mommy! hahaha. so i therefore conclude that when you're in lb, you're really more carefree no matter what. wachutink?

next date, with tin and totskie. tin and i, we go way back. it's through her i learned about text messaging, and it's through me she learned about... i can't think of anything she learned from me! haha. she also makes delish and pretty/cute/wow-pano-mo-ginawa-yan pastries over at The Cupcake Factory. see, my best friend has a factory! you may click on that new badge at the right side of my blog whenever you crave for revel bars and sweet goodies.

but yeah, we go way, way back. she was a disney princess and i was flounder/stitch. haha! she's the girliest girl and i would wear white shirts and jeans. you get the idea.

but we never fought, EVER. they say a friend is a friend if you're honest to, and at a point, offended each other. but tin and i are honest to each other, but never got offended. it's clear to the both of us that we are licensed to correct each other. our friendship is deep that way, but is also super childlike, like we never outgrew our highschool uniform.

bottomline: i miss LB.
submarine-bottomline: i miss blogging.

PS: it's my momma's birthday today! this morning i was drafting in my mind the blog entry i would write about her, and then i cried. in the jeepney. panalo na naman ako sa pinaka iyakin challenge. happy birthday my mommy liza! see you this weekend! :) 

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