a celebration

Friday, April 13, 2012

well, we were able to thoroughly clean our house about two or three weeks ago, and i couldnt be prouder. im sorry about how domesticated and married this sounds, but im actually not. if you find general cleaning as a random ho-hum moment, you're reading the wrong blog. because a supah clean house rocks like a rockstar who has gazillions of fans. like that. im cool.

you see, i have been swamped with work (how many irritating times have i used this phrase in this blog its so irritating) the past days, to the point that i have a pile of clean clothes that smell of wrinkles. yes, wrinkles smell and im sexy. i. cant. even. find the time. to... iron. if you've been here for a while you know that ironing is my favorite thing to do and the plantsa, it's the best invention since coffee. so to actually find the time, nay, a day, to just clean our house and not work on anything at all was a relief/relaxation/rest time for me as much as it was for gail.

so to celebrate our squeeky clean floors, we headed out to banapple somewhere in greenhills. man was it a celebration: comfort food in large proportions worthy of a month-long rigorous diet.

yesterday we also celebrated because gail just got a gig for next week. thanks chazee! so last night we decided that we will celebrate with food (without thinking of our stingy budget and our big tummies) whenever such a milestone happens.

obligatory photo ng tao :p
ps: we're headed to the beach tomorrow. thanks for organizing family! i cant wait to win the paitiman challenge.

pps: have you seen gail's set on Church Simplified's concert? Ang galing. #stagewife


  1. gusto ko yung pagkain na nasa lower right hand corner! kung ano man yun, mukhang ansaraaap! at halatang atat ko magcomment no? hehehe

    gustuhin ko mang magka-squeeeky clean house, na masarap idecorate (really now?)... hindi ganon ang bahay namin... apir!

  2. pork yan. di ko sure kung ribs kasi hindi naman ako mahilig sa pork. hehe. pero masarap, parang racks! masarap din yung fish :)

    i cant wait to move in to a new house chammie. :)


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