rest is having the time to iron.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

to the tune of you and i both by jason mraz (listen to his new album!), i happily sweeped the floor, cleared the sink and took a photo of my weekend's accomplishment. *high kicks*  

im sorry, but this gives me more fulfillment than a word document filled with words. to some it's a chore, but to me, ironing is a peaceful rest from all the rush of work. being able to finally tackle that pile of clothes meant that i had enough time to do something other than writing and beating deadlines. :) just dont call me iron woman/lady, because then you'd be at the top of my corniest people list. agreed. and while im super blessed with work that's not stressful, im just saying freshly pressed clothes deserve a photo. because look at those colors! i was about to take them to our closet when i noticed how they looked super cute and pretty and pinteresting beside one another. *snort* do you think i already need intervention? *snort*

in all honesty, there's a lot going on in our life/lives now, as in. napakarami kong gustong ikwento, but right now i need to prepare  for an interview later for a magazine gig. i promise if i get that, ill buy a really nice notebook for me to bring during interviews and for thought preservations in coffeeshops. also, ill get myself one of those mamahaling tumblers from starbucks. and hipster glasses, yeah. i have enough scarves. *fingers crossed* pray with me and pray for me please! i promise to let you know if i get it, what are friends are for what for! 

ps: ive been "chosen" to attend pastor dennis's upcoming Christian bloggers go viral! super excited to meet other bloggers who love Jesus and shout it out online. I LOVE JESUS! 

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