Thursday, September 23, 2010

I knew right on that I wanted to be part of Gail's life. Here is something I posted in Xanga on Dec 2007, right after I spent time with Gail (and Bullet and Les) for the first time. Wala pa akong malisya nyan pramis. Haha!

Something interesting happened to me today.

I was supposed to buy gifts for the upcoming Christmas party when I saw Gail and Denise at Vega. Protocols: greet, konting chika, etcetera. Then from nowhere, Les and Bullet came. I don’t even know if they were with each other when we saw them. Les said that he was set to buy gifts as well, and I jokingly told him that we go together, as I was also set to do the same. He agreed to that, but Gail said he wanted to eat. So we told him that we would go with him and eat if he would go with us shopping.

The result: ultimate bonding experience with Gail, Les and Bullet.

It was uber fun for me, as I am not used to spontaneity, especially when it comes to spending time with people. I am friends with only a handful of people in church, so walking along Lopez Avenue with three men who are not my “close” friends was something new to me. I was able to find a couple of gifts, while the guys had fun tailing on me and playing/talking (Les was able to buy gifts as well).

I felt how different I am now from how I was before when I was still a student. They are carefree, bright and fun to be with. I am not. Our dinner conversation that lasted for around two hours taught me much more than what a preaching could do. It would be too long if I would enumerate everything I’ve learned from dressing up (yes, from guys) to academics to discipleship.

I am thankful that I did not manhandle God’s plan for me that day. On to the next day! :)

PS: Did my writing style change? If not, I need to take lessons. Haha!
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