Monday, June 13, 2011

have you ever read something that spoke to you so strongly? has someone ever told you something at the right place and at the right time that it changed your heart?

i have a favorite blogger. she's a mom and a wife, but mainly a dreamer. she recently posted something about her dreams and how she's confessing to the world that although impractical, she dreams of a more carefree family life.

remember last time o said i tucked away a blog entry that i thought was too honest? well it talked about my own dream. it was a confession of how i want my life to be. i was scared of confessing it here because what if it doesnt come true? what if i eat my own words?

but what about faith, right? what about God's power? (why do i keep asking questions? nyehehe.) forget pride, it cripples. let go of fear. so today i put both pride and fear under the rug to share my dream, OUR dream, which i already posted to twitter where only a few of my friends can read my posts. heehee. :)

i went back and forth about sharing this because it makes me feel vulnerable, but i like the vulnerability of being this hopeful. and assuming that my readers and friends remain friendly readers to me, i can even be encouraged by opening up. with a single thought in my mind that says "impossible and impractical", i know that by blogging about it that thought will be drowned by "possible and gorabels". :D so please be nice. i already know how its not possible, so i want to challenge myself thinking about, praying about, standing in faith about how it can come true.    

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