fridays were for dancing

Sunday, April 15, 2012

my mondays are for spending time with family and for catching up on house chores. gail and i pretty much have one of the oddest schedules. im used to hearing him say "monday pala ngayon, akala ko saturday." we're whacked like that. and so to have some normal friday nights for late night conversations and dancing... wait, what?! dancing, and dance classes, for that. *raises hands up in thu ayeerr*

purple leggings bilang pagbibigay pugay kay justin bieber :p 

thanks to one group buying site and to the ever-updated dikong, i saw myself dancing to the tune of "so what" by far east movement and found myself doing little but super obvious moves in my office desk. so funny just thinking about it! i didnt even know about far east movement until i googled the lyrics to that song that goes something like "so what so what so what you want...". side comment: ang lalim ng mga kanta ngayon ano. puno ng aral. tsk.

anyway, we went to ACTS Dance Studio at the GA Tower, super convenient location, and had classes during friday nights. but those nights are over because we only bought 5 vouchers each. hehe. buti na lang may dance central sa youtube, i can continue polishing my dance skills. naman! :)

gail as ben's substitute :p

but what release, and what a fun thing to do, to learn how to dance hiphop bagamat beginner level. gail took some videos of our last class, but i dont want my life to be cut short by some people who dont want to expose their mad skills just yet. just a tip though, never take me to the club with any of the ff people: djana, ben or dikong, if you dont want to see some choreographed dance moves. hahaha! we're saving those for an audience. :p

after-dance tambay: dikong, djana, gail, jhorace

ps: we just came from the beach and i have major sunburn (the one with skin peeling off like libag) that gail finds odd. hehe.

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