Tuesday, April 10, 2012

as a copywriter, i suck at making titles. the only titles/taglines i ever loved are the name of this blog and the tagline of gail's website (which is still in the works.) anyway, on to my highly intriguing post about, well, dates.

whenever i come home to lb, i make sure that i get to spend time with family, with tin, and with any other friend/s who would want to catch up. speaking of catch up, im doing such a bad job at catching up with all these pictures ive accumulated the past months. gah!

i loved this date with ninang jean (who doesnt look like a ninang) and teacher faith (who doesnt look like a teacher). ninang, gail and i had milk tea at moonleaf, then we thought "miss na natin si faith a. puntahan natin siya sa bio." we texted faith and figured, let's just meet at vega!

wow. to say that was refreshing is an understatement. it made me appreciate lb and its peace in a whole new way. our life in manila is great, but lb, it's just soooo different. we don't have the luxury to have impromptu dates, you have to set it three months before. haha joke lang! but you have to set it a month before, and im not exaggerating. maybe it's all because we're now professionals, or because we're married, but faith is also a professional whose busyness is at the level of being a mommy! hahaha. so i therefore conclude that when you're in lb, you're really more carefree no matter what. wachutink?

next date, with tin and totskie. tin and i, we go way back. it's through her i learned about text messaging, and it's through me she learned about... i can't think of anything she learned from me! haha. she also makes delish and pretty/cute/wow-pano-mo-ginawa-yan pastries over at The Cupcake Factory. see, my best friend has a factory! you may click on that new badge at the right side of my blog whenever you crave for revel bars and sweet goodies.

but yeah, we go way, way back. she was a disney princess and i was flounder/stitch. haha! she's the girliest girl and i would wear white shirts and jeans. you get the idea.

but we never fought, EVER. they say a friend is a friend if you're honest to, and at a point, offended each other. but tin and i are honest to each other, but never got offended. it's clear to the both of us that we are licensed to correct each other. our friendship is deep that way, but is also super childlike, like we never outgrew our highschool uniform.

bottomline: i miss LB.
submarine-bottomline: i miss blogging.

PS: it's my momma's birthday today! this morning i was drafting in my mind the blog entry i would write about her, and then i cried. in the jeepney. panalo na naman ako sa pinaka iyakin challenge. happy birthday my mommy liza! see you this weekend! :) 


  1. Andami kong gustong sabihin, singhaba ata ng isang blog post. Hehehe

    Cge na nga I'll make it short na lang...
    1. Welcome back! Your fans missed you. :)
    2. Sana magdate din tayo dito sa Davao. Hehe

  2. chammie!!! maraming salamat naman sa kind words. hehehe. i wanna go to davao! bibisitahin namin kayo ni gail soon! :)

  3. ate ching! i love reading your blog. so nice!

  4. maraming salamat zyra!!! :D super encouraging!


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