Wednesday, February 29, 2012

at the end of all of this, ill be taken home to the One i live for.

my most intimate times with Jesus aren't spent talking about how i've been with my life. instead, it's about Him and me, Him and nobody/nothing else. that's always how it goes. there is absolutely nothing else in this world that should take His place. i always end up so convicted yet also so comforted by His love and His promise.  

i pray that all my energy will be spent to glorify Jesus. i pray that the rest of my life will be to seek Him with all my heart, to love Him with abandon. i pray that my soul will not rest until i see His face.

i love you Jesus. thank You for holding me tight. You are my only one.

ps: switchfoot's song restless stirs me up every. single. time. i suggest you listen to it prayerfully, and God will meet you right where it's all beautiful.


  1. Let's serve God together! I'm so excited! :)

  2. Chingy, do check out my blog post:
    You're one of my Sunshine Awardees... Muah! ☺


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