almigirl's bday/housewarming party

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

when it comes to creative, kewl and cutesie stuff, almi makes it to my list which im not even part of. :p last week, we all trooped to their apartment to warm it up and make some noise (sorry neighbors). we played some mean jenga (mean as in trashtalking each other, leng mostly), ate food almi and kim prepared, and talked nonstop as we always do.

jenga before destruction

pansinin ang intensity :p

ang tagaligpit :p 

amazing photobooth/wall by almi+kim

thanks for the warm welcome bday girl almi and kim! :) till next week! :p

ps: almi gave us an assignment which ive been trying to accomplish for a good 30 minutes already. will make a pahabol post about it na lang. hehe. :)

pps: my good friend gaby blogged about Gail Bitoon Photography. read it here! also in the blog is my pretty sis-in-law feb and my prettiest mom-in-law portia. it's like the whole family is in the industry. haha!


  1. Nice! Isa rin ako sa mga tagasubaybay ni Almi. Hindi nya lang ako kilala. Hihi. Ikaw na bahala magpakilala sa akin Ching ha? Hindi naman ako stalker. Haha

    Haberdei Almi. Glad to see you back on the blog Chingy. I missed you. :D

  2. hahaha! almi, meet chammie. chammie is my hs batchmate, almigirl is my then-officemate. :) thanks for the warm welcome back chammie, sana ay dumalas dalas ang aking blogging. haha!

  3. ahwww... thanks, chammie! nice to meet you! :)

    chingching, di ko pa din nagagawa yung assignment ko, haha. una-unahan, una-unahan, hahaha! glad you and bubu had fun at my litol partey! :*

  4. mas nakakatawa pala itsura ni leng kesa kay gerlie dun sa pichur na pabagsak yung jengga. hehe. comic!


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