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Sunday, February 26, 2012

times are a-changing. back then, i had to restrain myself from spending too much time in this blog. now, i have to discipline myself so i can use a few of my free time in this little webspace. i checked my photos for upload and i still have about 4 or 5 folders from 2011, with my 2012 photo hamper getting filled fast. hey, at least i have the proofs. if all else fails ill upload them all to facebook.

but im not giving up on this blog, not yet. not when i know some changes are gonna happen in the near future (new blog layout and a rockin domain name, plus more time for blogging!). so i carry on.

gail and i are home together, and we've been locked in since yesterday just daydreaming about the great things that have been happening and are about to happen. God is faithful. just this morning we heard from a prospect that she's turned into a client. yay! i sure hope more people get married and more of them get gailee as their photographer. i promise to do my part (make sure he comes to the wedding with pressed clothes and a filled tummy). click here to see his works.

so, im still beating arond the bush because i cant think of how to transition to today's set of photos: our wedding anniversary food. tagal na kasi so it seems irrelevant already. anyway (talagang anyway lang ang nakayanan kongn transition :p) we went to red at the shangri-la makati, where nakasalubong namin si ryan agoncillo *silent scream* and we had pangmayaman food.

seriously, food was expensive and tiny. haha! im so sorry but this girlperson right here is far from being a foodie. good thing they have good fries. i mean, they have the mean kind of fries that tastes pangmayaman but still very comforting, like i wanted to slouch a little while we were in the presence of posh. dont take my words seriously ha, im faaaar from being a credibly food feedback-giver. what ill tell you is that if you want some alone dinner time where you can cry a little (the place was super dimly lit) and tell each other "i love you", this is a great place for that. great  if you want to see ryan agoncillo too. hehe.

ill stop talking and just show you the beautiful (albeit expensive and no match compared to galunggong) photos of the food we ingested. i cant recall their names anymore. :| but i had so much fun taking the photos so here they are!

this one we remember: wild tasmanian trout 

the name starts with "spinosi omega 3..." all their pasta dishes do.  :p


  1. pangmayaman, ftw! belated happy anniversary, chingail! xoxo.

  2. the 2nd pic looks like quail egg tempura (kwek-kwek na pangmayaman).:D o yun ba yung fries?!?

  3. up yun yung fries tin :) mukang kwek-kwek nga! haha. mali pagkaka pichur. pahaba yan eh. pero ang laki ng cut ay parang kwek-kwek nga. hehe.

  4. thanks ambebi! - bubu :p excited na kami ulit kumain ng pangmayaman na food nyo! hehe.

  5. thanks almigirl! :D tin, yun yung fries, with rosemary ekek ekek. mishu! :)

  6. "make sure he comes to the wedding with pressed clothes and a filled tummy" awwww. hahaha ang liit nga ng pangmayaman food! next time, everyday for blogging na! ;)

  7. pero in fernes gaby nakakabusog naman, or psychological kasi ang mahal! :p yey everyday for blogging!

  8. word for the day ko rin yung "pangmayaman". hehehe... masaya talaga maging kuripot on regular days, giving you the freedom to splurge a bit on special occasions... happy anniv! :)


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