bridal shower with my girls

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I have six blog entries that are waiting for me to pound on, and there are no excuses in blogging (not even cramming for a wedding that’s happening in about three seconds. Ay weeks pala.) So allow me to start this blog rolling again as I put my hands together in an apology for slacking off.

Because why in the world did I delay writing about my bridal shower with my best girlfriends in the whole wide world right? Here, here. The second bridal shower that I’ve attended so far, and I’m the bride! Made me think I’m marrying earlier than most people my age, but hey (soul sister), the wedding is in three blinks. I mean weeks! No time to back out! ;)

Gail and his mom Tita (soon to be Mommy) Sha helped my girls deceive me into going to Makati for a girls’ date with Tita Sha and Feb, Gail’s baby sister. I got a little nervous, because Tita Sha and Feb are Gail’s girls, and it got me thinking “Maybe they’ll tell me to not hurt Gail ever if I don’t want to lose my life.” Anyway, the less paranoid self simply said yes to the pseudo-date and marched to Makati one Saturday.

When I got to Landmark, I received a text from Tin, asking me where I was and who I was with. I told her I had a date with Tita Sha and Feb. She told me to stop where I am because she’s also in the area and has something to give to me. So I stopped at Landmark and waited for Tin. When she got there, she put on me the pinkest of all pink veils, and Eyna was there to take a picture!


So while I was drying off my tears of joy and surprise, they explained to me everything. I didn’t have a date with Tita Sha and Feb. I had a date with my girlfriends. It was fun of course, and a bit kinky because it was a bridal shower. I’m looking forward to the next bridal shower in the barkada, ako ang mag-oorganize! Hehe.

umiyak ulit pagkakita ko kay carla at mariel. :p

masarap yung cake toppers :p
one of the many "useful" gifts, an informative letter from cheek, the only married girl in the barkada
pretty gurl :)
photo sessions na! sayang ang dresses e

our very 90s idea

eyna ganda
carla ganda

late night coffee and chika

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