Faithful God

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“I have decided, I have resolved, to wait upon You Lord.”

All of this – the wedding, our relationship, the interesting and beautiful things that’s been happening to me and Gail – everything is because of God and His faithfulness. Time and again, we would be pushed to the edge only to be saved by the hand of God. This has taught us to hold on to Him, to be stronger, and to rely more on His power than on ourselves. And all the lessons we learn, we learn under grace.

That blessed day, December 20, will be a testimony of God’s love, not so much of what Gail and I have done for each other. As I zoom in on this brief ten-month preparation period for the wedding, I see how God would always give His blessings at the right time, and in different ways.

Hands down to the most creative Provider of all, who gives us love in many forms, all of which are always and without fail, amazing.

PS: The snippet above is from You'll Come, by Hillsong. :)


  1. i am soooooooooo excited! i can also attest to god's faithfulness with the business i have now. everything happened in a flash. and when i started recalling my prayers in the past, things happened the way it should be. galing di ba? :)

  2. yes sir jp, i completely agree. iba talaga si God. :) see you real soon! and also in the blogosphere di ba?


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