where are we?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

i spend most of my nights gushing over brides who are super pretty and radiant, over dream gowns and reception pieces that i wish were on my wedding pero sa binyag na lang ni baby, over couple portraits that show what it's all about: love. hair wet, jammies on, ready for bed, i take out gail's camera and view my own slideshow of the day's wedding whenever he comes home from a shoot. i ask him questions like a girl who dreams of her wedding day with his prince. ive had mine and it was perfect because gail was the groom, but still, weddings are weddings! "kinakabahan ba yung bride? maganda ba yung vows?" #hopelessromantic

that said, gail's photos serve as my source of joy. i consider them as his pasalubong (aside from the occasional serenitea pepper corn and hokkaido milk tea). everytime he'd tell me he's on his way home, id ask him if he had a great time, and if his photos are good. i tell him how blessed he is to be surrounded by love on a workday, while the rest of the world romances their laptops. haha!   

mind you, i watch bob nicolas videos in between writing articles because gash, his videos are pefect and weddings are weddings. it's so nice to know that in a world where nobody seems to care anymore, there's at least one group of people celebrating one couple's love for each other.

all in all, i heart weddings, and im happy i still have the "license" to browse wedding blogs and curate lovely photos, para pwede kuhanan ni gail ng ideas. palusot knucks. hahaha!

so where are we? we're at the beginning of all of this. :) we're cooking up something/s, we'll let you know as soon as they're ready, ive almost forgotten about this blog because we're both so giddy about the future. to brides and grooms, reprazent!


  1. nyahaha! i clearly need you right now ching. sobrang extremes ang blogs natin today. pero ang funny kasi we talked about the same thing. lol

  2. ahahahahahahaha oo nga no! anukabaaa! ano bang kelangan mo mamsir? at your service! :)

  3. you are my inspiration chingching. feeling ko ako ang may pasalubong everytime i would see you again kahit ako ang galing sa labas. hehe. i love you so much!!!

  4. ayun naman yun e. you're why i love weddings gailee, because you're the best husband in the world who never stops romancing and pursuing me. i love you so much! <3


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