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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

in all my years of existence, I've never experienced insomnia. until last night. apparently coffee now works really well in keeping me awake. I've switched to decaf for my twice a day dose of coffee, so last night when i had real grownup brewed coffee, i was up till 4am. *droopy eyes* now it's 1030am, and I'm not sleepy anymore but my head's heavy like a baby. 

so there goes my rant about switching to decaf, but gail can't be prouder. he has turned into a big advocate of not being caffeine-dependent; i sense a slight satisfaction in him about my insomniac bout last night, it being proof that caffeine is now foreign to me.

going decaf is a big change for me, among other things. how's everybody? 

back when my hair was shorter and my body more tolerant of caffeine

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  1. Ola! Oh well. Not much has changed. Still a coffee-holic... Recently switched from the evil 3in1 to the classic timpla-timpla of kape, asukal, at gatas na evap. Pak!


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