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Friday, August 3, 2012

i asked gail to play rivermaya's 214;  i missed listening to it and i wanted to sing it loud. hehe. so he lined up rivermaya songs for the rest of our working day. i heard 20 million again for the first time in a loooong time. it blew me away! when did i last listen to this song?! this used to be a favorite, and it immediately sent strong emotions I've never felt in a long time. suddenly, nostalgia. college days, joyful days, super sad days, days so far from today.

we move on. people around us move on. sorry for being sentimental, I'm blaming the winds and rain, but people, where are we? where are the songs we used to listen to? why don't we hang out anymore? why don't i play guitar anymore? why don't i sit down to write poems anymore? argh. its tough to think about such things. like grasping the air for a hug, it's just not possible to go back through time. we move on. 

I'm all ok with that, but i hope sometimes i can go back. sometimes. like today, when i want to hang out with my college friends in lb and eat twister fries. twister fries! such a significant food for me. i think ill cry at my first bite of twister fries. hay. 

is it weird that i find all sorts of symbolisms in gail's gesture of buying me army navy's FREEDOM fries when i asked him to buy twister fries (there was no mcdo in his route home)? may kasama pang cream cheese para makagawa ako ng aking favorite cracker dip. hehe.

ps: here's rivermaya's 20 million, for your reference. if you don't find it good, gash what is wrong with you! 


  1. kasali sa stages of working-at-home yan... papasukan ka ng kung anu-anong senti-ness... hihi

    ayan tuloy, nag-youtube na rin ako ng Rivermaya... I love "IF"! :)

  2. cham, i like IF too. :)

    carla, ikr! bagamat hindi na tayo nakakarelate gaano. haha ong yobong.


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