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Friday, April 15, 2011

i USED TO BE a reader, but now i use all the excuses to tell people that IM A reader without enough time. ill update you (and myself) of every book that i read, just to see how long it will take me to finish a book.

so right now, im reading two books: the prince of mist and the art of racing in the rain.

i got to read the prince of mist at powerbooks shang while i was waiting for gail. i almost finished it, and i admit it was the first time i wished gail would take more time at work (mga 20 minutes lang naman). haha. im sorry. it was really good. ill go back to powerbooks and continue my journey with the prince of mist, as soon as possible. see? there's no concrete plan of action, no schedule. just an "as soon as possible" blah. the operative phrase "used to be" is proven and manifested right here.

anyway, the plot is interesting, and would make you turn page after page after page. im not much of a book reviewer so i wont dwell on how i find the book. ill just tell you that young adult (except vampire stuff) is my genre, i love zafon and zusak, and the other z authors who make awezome novelz. so if you like some mystery with life and love braided into it, the prince of mist is a good pick.

the second book, the art of racing in the rain, is an ebook i bought online. im past half of it, it's a very good read - highly emotional and will hurt your soft heart. it's like watching a telenovela, only you inject your own colors. it's written simply, but the feelings and thoughts and symbolisms are beautifully complicated. it's the type of novel that you can use for a literature class.

when i will finish these two books, and when i will pick a new one, are questions ill answer "as soon as possible".

ps: i got this from saab magalona's blog:

"the prince of mist in your pants"; "the art of racing in the rain in your pants"

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