a lesson in waiting

Friday, April 8, 2011

waiting had me married to the best guy 'in the whole wide universe and beyond'
it brought me to the best job for me at the moment
made me appreciate the first day of my period in a whole new way *whew*
always brings me closer to God.

however, it has always been a challenge. it's not easy to stay still when it's not your turn yet and some bully is making your patience-practice harder. but i try to sit and wait and just spend time with God, the one who holds every single thing that i am waiting for. and as i do that, i appreciate the beauty of what is happening right now. i get to see that we're good here, but God is taking us someplace best and super and awesomesauce.

i came across this poem from thammie sy's blog, and it ministered to me in such a strong way that it made me cry. (although crying is my reaction to most anything) im a fan of spoken poems, and this one below goes to the number 2 spot, next to juddha paulo's bigkas pilipinas piece.


  1. "made me appreciate the first day of my period in a whole new way"- HAHA!

  2. nabilaukan ako sa third line, hahaha.

  3. eyna and almi: hahaha! kasi namaaan. kalurkey.


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