Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's supposed to be why not wednesday today, but i have to suspend it to let everybody know that i am looking for a new puppy to give my grandparents the joy that budoy gave them. :)

budoy is one of the two dogs that my lolo and lola has. they love him like a baby, so when he got run over by a car/jeep/trike (i still dont know) last night, it hurt them, especially my lolo. if you're a guest in our wedding, if you met my lolo, you know that he's a cheery person. but not last night. he cried.

and none of the family can take that. this weekend gail and i will come home to laguna, and ill make sure that ill make lolo and lola smile. if only i can get a puppy that fast. please say a quick prayer for my grandparents' comfort, and yes, it is a big deal to me. i realize that there should not be any day for them to be sad, especially since they have a large family who loves them dearly. what is one apo to text them i love you every day, right? there's 14 of us, enough for a round every two weeks. hehe. this weekend should be a blast for them. :) we love you lolo and lola!


  1. so sad indeed... i remember the time when my lolo & lola's dog passed away too, a few years back. it was also my lolo who was really devastated about what happened. indeed, it's the pets who serve as the substitute kids and grandkids during the lonely weekdays...

  2. hay. cant wait to come home tuloy. :) talagang love na love nila si budoy, as in may stories sila about him every time we come home

  3. hi sis... im a silent follower of your blog [w@wie member too]... can't help but comment since we're also a dog lover. Our black poodle suffered the same fate [run over by a motorcycle]... my brother who never cries, cried that day! So i bought him 2 shitzhu's! ^_^

    hope i could help you find a dog for your grandparents. what are you looking for anyway?

  4. hey sis! thanks for reading my blog. i cant seem to find yours bakit ganun? :) im gonna have to talk to everybody muna about what kind of dog wwe'll get. :) thanks sis ha! super!

  5. lolz naka-private yung blog ko di kasi ko magaling mag-blog like you!!! so parang sort of diary ko na lang sya online ^_^... hope you find the right dog for them!

  6. Oh no, I'm so sorry about Budoy. I'm a pet owner myself, and I can't imagine how heartbroken I might be if I lost any of my babies.

    I hope you find a puppy for your grandparents soon. My boyfriend and I are picking up a second puppy this weekend, he asked for another dog for his birthday. We get our pets from Philippine Pet Finder (www.philippinepetfinder.com), you might want to check that out.



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