how to fry fries, and why i blog

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

not being able to write an entry is like missing an episode of smallville, or mula sa puso, whichever you fancy. it's also like visiting a favorite blog only to find that there's nothing new there when it had already been 30 minutes since you checked. lazy blogger.

also, there's a lot i want to post here, for two reasons: memory capsulation, and fun. although i have never read back here as far as three pages, someday ill have all the time in the world and read about my wrong grammar and pretend writing skills. and when i do that, i dont wanna miss a theeeeeeng.

so let's pretend that i did not miss writing a why not wednesday entry yesterday, and let's talk about something that id want to remember and take to heart:

i love french fries.

potatoes, actually. i see potatoes and i imagine fries, mashed potatoes, afritada where id only eat the sarsa and the potatoes, and other similar ulams. im the type of person who eats A LOT when sad, so when i get fat it's only either im pregnant or im eating fries out of depression.

so i tried to fry my own potato strips, and i havent perfected it yet. the photo below reflects my wrong moves: not enough oil; not hot enough oil.

on the second try, i researched. the potatoes should be fully submerged in super hot oil that when they are done, theyd float to the surface. better looking, more appetizing french fries, now.

however, i didnt achieve the subtle crunch of the usual homemade fries. i hope my chef friend reads this and tells me what's wrong with how i cook the potatoes.

ps: caesar dressing for dip :D


  1. kim cooked some awesome fries just recently. will ask him what he did and post the "recipe" soon. :)

  2. galeng talaga ni kuya kim! :)

  3. i'm so busy this week that I couldn't even blog! pffffft

    pagluto mo naman kami ng french fries next time! :)

  4. yes te, ikaw yung tinutukoy ko na lazy blogger. joke lang! :D sige pag naperfect ko na pagluluto ko kayo :)


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