love is the philosophy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we all get discouraged.
we all get offended.
we all offend others.
we all become impatient.
we all lose compassion.

but as long as there's something to go back to, as long as you know you can forgive, you will be forgiven, you can love and you will be loved, you can be on your way to redemption, to vindication. and you'll know you won't go back.

i recently went through something. what it is i cant say, but this part i can share: i very much wanted to take things into my own hands. in fact, i did. but not for long, because God loves me and He would never let me do things on my own. i should've gone the right way, but i didn't because i'd get hurt and i didn't want to lose my respect for myself. i had the excuses ready in case God would convict me. but alas, no card was drawn when He brought me to my knees and revolutionized my heart.

you know that time when you think you couldnt do it but you were able to? that. God enabled me so well that i knew it wasnt from my own abilities. it was all because God loves me. every fear and judgment was quenched and i was able to even extend love. God loved me first so i can love others.

you may not understand this entry well because it sounds like a diary entry, but the one thing that i wish you'd get is this: God loves you. cliche, but its the truest statement you can ever hear.

You will know Christ's love, which goes far beyond any knowledge. -eph 3:19

the Cross at Church Simplified's exhibit (next blog entry)

PS: my why not wednesday, by the way, is this: i did something i used to do before = wrote a news article. if id grade myself, itll be a 7 out of 10. not bad, but not news/blog worthy. thats why its only a PS. ;)


  1. nice one ching! busy ako, no time to update my blog huhu

  2. thanks mads! haymishu na! date tayo pag uwi ni cheekcheek. :D igora mo lang yang kabusyhan mo!


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