better than ice cream

Thursday, May 5, 2011

today didnt start right. ill leave it at this: our country is one of the worst places to be a driver (and to be a passenger.) so when i noticed that i left my good mood somewhere on my way to the office, i thought of things that could lighten me up. of course the first thing that came to mind is praying, and trust me, it did work. better than ice cream yes. anything that brings you closer to God is better than ice cream.

with that, id like to bring you over to high street on easter sunday, where Church Simplified had an interactive art installation/exhibit (what's it called?) entitled Walkway. It showed what Jesus went through to save you, and me too. It is an experience, to say the least. The artists behind it are extremely blessed with talent, and the response and participation of the people who went there proved it. the exhibit was so effective in communicating Christ's love. i was blown away, ang galing talaga.

as my chef friend said on facebook yesterday, salvation is not something that should be taken lightly. it is, actually, the heaviest weight God carried. the cross is both my weakness and my strength. i cry easily whenever im reminded of it, and at the same time it's my band-aid for whatever bad thing happens to me. i hope next year they'll put it up again. better than ice cream, promise.

we have more photos, but im only posting some of them (without explanations/captions) because i dont want to spoil the experience for you next year. :) thanks to gailee for the photography service. haha!

"the journey to the cross began long before..."

thanks Church Simplified!

PS: You can experience it all online! Click THIS to start.

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