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Thursday, May 19, 2011

i think im drained of my pretend writing skills. can i just pretend that i have my pretend writing skills back? no? yesterday, i finished reading the art of racing in the rain (refer here for kwento), just so i can get inspired to write again. but here we be. let's yawn together at this boring and lifeless entry. i won't try harder anymore and will just proceed telling you about finishing this novel in tears:

it was beautiful, poignant, a feast for the senses. haha o di ba parang totoong book review. seriously, read it. it's for every dreamer who struggles and gets discouraged. im so tempted to insert a justin bieber motto, but i wont because you already know what im going to say. :p next on my list:

recommended by carla. it's a love book, something im not too excited about, because im more for the young adult stories. but lets see. as my dad would tell me, if you dont like the book, bitawan mo. you wont stop if its worth your time. k daddy. hehe.

ps: i hope to get my pretend swag back. must be the grownup stuff we're dealing with. :| 


  1. The soshal, intellectual people call it 'WRITER'S BLOCK" daw, Chingy... Hehehe...

    I'm sure we can all relate to this predicament you're having.

    Keep on posting. I love your blog. =)

    Trivia: Do you know that YOUR BLOG is the first blog I've ever read? I did it up to your very first post. It's actually you who inspired me ti start my own blog too. And with this, an idea is born. I'll write about it. =)

  2. chammy, just when i thought of how my blogging stint is slowly but surely deteriorating, you drop by to encourage me. super thanks, it means a lot. will read your blog for sure! ;) God bless!!!


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