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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

for us who do not watch films regularly, this is pretty new:

why not watch a movie? and why not watch the book of eli?

why watch it? because at the start i was saying "ganda ng visuals a," and by the end of it my tears were clouding the "magandang visuals". the movie ministered to me, and really, how many movies can do that? if there is any movie that is worth your precious time, it's the book of eli. im happy we picked it for our very-seldom-movie-watching times.

i admit that this is pretty late, since ive been hearing from friends and the interweb that this movie is great. i also admit that if i chose to view it as film critic, id find loopholes and id ask questions. but as i said, it ministered both to me and to gail. it served its purpose. 

the past days, God has been reminding me about what's precious and what is not. in the movie, it's the Book. in my life, it should be the Book. i was reminded of what and who i should embrace every day. im now brought to the process of filtering through my heart, removing materialistic desires and replacing them with the purpose similar to eli's, all with God's help. *sigh* no better feeling than falling in love with God all over again.

I've been thinking of changing my mind, It never stays the same for long. But of all the things I know for sure, You're the only certain one, You are the one I want.
--brooke fraser, arithmetic
God is at their side; 
with God's help they make it. 
This, Jacob, is what happens 
to God-seekers, God-questers.
-Ps 24:5-6, the Message

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