my birthday

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ha. haha. HAHAHAHAHA. let us celebrate the most anti climactic post in the history of the world. hehe.

it's nearly thanksgiving (we "celebrate" american holidays in the office so there.), and it's only now that i get to blog about my birthday! i have a bad memory (as in i forget everything), so thanks to cameras i can still post about myself and the day the world made space for teeny tiny ching.   

im not used to blogging anymore, i feel that people will judge me for being self-absorbed (lalo na at about bday ito), but ill get the hang of it again. (magiging makapal ulit ang mukha ko :p) good thing my bday wasnt just about me, as i had a lot of celebrations with other september celebrators, because september is a big birthday month and there are a lot of us who were born on the month that is 9 months far from the christmas season. (holidays=cold cuddle weather=cuddles and *big winks*)

sooo, i had a date with my GS girls (gerlie, karen, me and liv celebrated)...

more photos here:

one at the office (mcdo fries and amber pansit - mga paborito :D)

and one with our small group (pizza is such a celebration food).

i wonder what people are up to these days. what have i missed? gail's up for something great, but he's a careful gentleman and he's taking his time. honestly im on the edge of my seat about and for it. so to release the excitement, let me at least say that im so proud of him.

ps: Singapore Day 2 up next :)


  1. amp! antagal ko nakagets. hahaha. eh pano 'ko? october bortdey ko. 9 months after january, the month of fireworks? hmmm... lol!

    heberdei agen! kami din nag-picha pie nung bortdey ko. hehehe

  2. pwede! :p tenk you and belated happy bday din! :)


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