sneaking in

Friday, November 11, 2011

i thought by now everything will be back to normal, but alas, it's not. maybe i need to embrace this new schedule, this new life dynamics as my new normal. normal will continue to change in the coming months, as gail starts a new season in his life. ill talk about it some other time, as soon as he finishes the finishing touches of his finished stuff. i have a limited vocabulary.

here's a photo i took around two months ago (talk about backlog). i saw our center table and said, oh wow this is how crazy it is around here these days.

but it's all crazy good. the fact that i can still blog once in a while is a sign that everything is still healthy.

ps: it took me 30 minutes to finish writing this entry. di na ako marunong magsulat! also, sg kwento in the next ones. 


  1. ano ba kasing pinagkakaabalahan mo jan??? hehehe
    buti na lang wala kaming center table. aw, hehehe... ibang parte naman ng bahay ang ginugulo... :D

  2. chammie, marami, but im getting back on track! haha you should see our bed ;)


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