how does a bride feel?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

giddy. nervous. excited. anticipating. all the hopes and the thrills for just that one moment. one definitive moment that will lead her to foreveryday.

how i feel right now is how i felt on my wedding day. all those jitters because today, gail and i celebrate our big dive into the waters of wedding photography. he's been training under THE pat dy, but it still is one big scary swim in one big scary ocean.

my heart skips beats as i write this. this is a dream come true for the both of us -- to have something to keep us going, to have something that makes us believe and trust God more, that He fulfills the desires of our hearts just because He loves us and He's awesomely generous.

to everybody who reads this blog, you know how much of a daydreamer i am.  thank you so much for whispering little prayers, thank you for all the encouraging words.

it is amazing how God has one by one granted our prayers and made my daydreams realities. my only hope is to bring Him glory and praise through how i live my life. we're now here at the beginning, and you're in on this journey.

we are foreveryday photography: capture. love.



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