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Thursday, June 21, 2012

i hope everybody's been having a great week! i heard the traffic last night was terible (in thick Spanish accent), so *virtual hugs* to you who braved it with coolness and calmness. you might have daydreamed of yourself boarding a plane and flying off to your favorite beach. sadly, for most of us, it's not as easy as it seems. planning a vacation can be as frustrating as the traffic sometimes, right?

enter Skyscanner, a travel search engine that lets you search for flights the easiest way possible. let's check out the homepage, which has a clean interface without compromising functionality:

and then, let’s take a look at each feature in the homepage:

1. not only can you search for flights, but you can also look for hotels and car rentals.
2. to search for a flight, you need to fill in details much like what you place in airline websites, but the results that skyscanner will give are hands down more comprehensive.
3. you can view it in English or in Filipino.
4. “there’s an app for that.” Download skyscanner on your smartphone and book your flight wisely wherever you are.
5. like them on Facebook! Aside from updates, they also have giveaways.
6. skyscanner gives an overview of the cheapest flights you can take for your travels.

so I tried searching for a flight, and this is how the results page looked like:

it gave me all the flights that matched my preferences. you can sort the results according to price, time of departure or arrival, airline choice and journey time. moreover, you can easily narrow down your search using the knobs and tick boxes on the left side of the interface. and when you click Book, you will be redirected to the airline's website, where all the flight specs you entered are reflected and all you have to do is book your flights. Skyscanner will not charge you any penny, cent or peso. they just love you like that.

my favorite skyscanner feature is that it allows you to look for flights going to "Everywhere". just set the place where you're coming from, and leave the To field blank. Choose your preferred date (Holy Week, or whenever you plan to take a break), and Skyscanner will give you destination options arranged according to price.

you can click on every country to see the list of places (airports, basically) you can go to.

hhmmm... how about china? :p 

all in all, Skyscanner makes it a whole lot easier for budget travelers like me to find the cheapest flights, the most convenient times of departure and arrival, and the travel schedule that best suits you. click here to give it a try!


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